Thursday, 9 August 2018

The top ten articles dealing with innovation in business, economic and management journals (2013-2017)

Google Scholar Metrics provide a useful way to assess the visibility and influence of recent articles in scholarly journals. On August 2nd the 2018 version of Scholar Metrics were released. This release covers articles published in 2013–2017 and includes citations from all articles that were indexed in Google Scholar as of July 2018. Using this data, I compiled and list in this posting the most cited articles on the topic of innovation that appear in business, economics and management journals.

The 2018 Google Scholar Metrics are out, and while most rankings are imperfect, I find them interesting and useful for identifying and reading well-regarded research papers in my areas of interest.

For research on innovation, it seems that there is lots of interesting work on the area of open innovation, with four of the ten most cited articles dealing with this topic. It is also worth noting the journals that the top ten papers are published in. The top two publications appear in a leading entrepreneurship journal (Journal of Business Venturing), while only three of the top ten articles are published in innovation specific journals (Research Policy with two articles, and the Journal of Product Innovation Management with one article). The remaining five articles are published in other economics, business and management journals.

Well done to all the researchers and their work.

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  1. The list speaks for itself. No wonder we are not innovating.