Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The 10 most popular articles in Business Horizons. Which topic was most popular?

In 2017, scholars, students and management professionals have shown a high interest in Business Horizons articles about social media. In fact, six of the ten most read articles deal with understanding the opportunities, functionality and business applications of social media. The other four articles cover a range of contemporary and important issues, including managing millennials, tackling corporate social responsibility, the promise of 3D printing, and digital innovation strategies for service innovation.

This article looks at the historical roots of social media, its technical specificities, and links to Web 2.0 and User Generated Content. It then reviews six types of social media—collaborative projects, blogs, content communities, social networking sites, virtual game worlds, and virtual social worlds—and outline how companies can efficiently make use of these applications.

This award winning article introduces the social media honeycomb framework for helping managers to understand and manage the seven functionalities of social: identity, conversations, sharing, presence, relationships, reputation, and groups. It explains and illustrates the fundamental implications that each functionality has for firms as they seek to fathom the engagement needs of their social media audience. The 4 Cs (cognize, congruity, curate, and chase) of social media are used to monitor, understand, and respond to different social media activities.

This article compares and contrasts traditional business communications that relied on established promotional mix elements, with the new communications paradigm which incorporates social media. It discusses methods by which marketing managers can shape the consumer-to-consumer conversations which are now driving the marketplace to a greater extent than ever before

Different social media platforms can be used in the influencing process, allowing consumers to connect, share, and collaborate. This article describes the way social media driven spheres of influence have unfolded over time. It reports on lessons from the 52nd Grammy Awards and its social media marketing campaign.

This article focuses on the value of social media and creative consumers for marketing. It provides five axioms to aid international marketers in exploiting the upside of these phenomena while limiting the challenges and risks.

Social media: Are firms being pulled or pushed? If customers engage with social media, then firms should also engage with social media as well. They must help start, join and shape conversations. This article shows that firms’ digital marketing engagement can be categorized according to perceived benefits, digital marketing usage, and the ability to shape relationship-based interactions with their customers.

How do different generations of workplace colleagues learn and get on with each other? This article looks at how millennial workers inspire employers to reconsider old notions about the ways in which workers demonstrate organizational commitment. It outlines how this shift in perspective causes employers to reframe their concepts of motivation and reward.

What are the components of corporate social responsibility (CSR)? This is addressed by characterizing a firm's CSR whereby executives reconcile their obligations to their share holders with those to other competing groups claiming legitimacy. This ideas and guidance framed as a pyramid of corporate social responsibility.

To present this framework, this article begins by discussing the ways in which innovation is cast in a new light due to digital technology. It then describes how to measure element and keep track of a firm's digital innovation efforts. This leads to a diagnostic tool that can be utilized as firms begin the process of implementing the framework.

This article examines the features and applications of 3-D printing and compares it with mass customization and other manufacturing processes.

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